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MV84 Shielded Missile Drone: A missile pod, by having an invuln save, for somewhat additional points than a missile pod. For many explanation, it's got a much better invulnerable conserve when compared to the Riptide. Also a independent unit from your Riptide, immediately after deployment. In order to have these bugger off to aid An additional unit now. However variety of pricy presented the drone's minimal BS Except you have equally controller and marksman close by.

Great for re-rolling railgun/rifle and fusion blaster/collider harm. Excellent for activating Farsight in fight if he's battling one thing T5 T8 or less.

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Ethereal: Can now buff both equally INFANTRY and BATTLESUITS! You can even give them a hover drone to let them keep up with any battlesuits. Can offer one buff to close by models Each and every turn, improving their morale exams, supplying a re-roll 1's if they do not shift (wait won't be able to we presently get that...), improved advancing, or almost certainly the most suitable choice. A no cost, FNP with the turn.

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They might also just shoot the drone before the cost section, so conceal it guiding terrain (which is very click here efficient since the demand hindering outcome still functions even powering LoS blocking terrain) or throw within a recon drone for affordable ablative wounds.

Very good for squeezing that last bit of juice from a Riptide your opponent assumes is worthless thanks to wound penalties.

Power 5 guns in all places usually means your troops have A neater time wounding most MEQ issues and T8 tanks/monsters.

Strike Workforce: Your key gunline infantry. Previously you may have been really hard pressed to discover the Obligatory two 5-male models lurking in include somewhere although huge bots dominated the board. Now, You cannot hope to win devoid of coming near to maxing out your troop slots. Take them. Consider as numerous as you'll be able to. If (IF!?) you will be managing these, be sure you also get yourself a Pulse Accelerator drone from your Pathfinders, a Fireblade to raise their volume of photographs, and an Ethereal to buff their leadership, provide them with FNP, and re-roll 1s. High energy keeps them able to wounding more simply, but small BS and higher Value as compared to other armies' infantry hold them back, while even only one marker light-weight on their own target allows compensate. Nevertheless quite powerful in quantities - go MSU with them, which maximizes the advantage of their totally free turret (in power level video games), between other benefits.

Your models are confusing to non-Tau and so are tough to react adequately from. Rotate threats nicely to maintain your far more highly effective models Secure.

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Pathfinders: Now Charge noticeably less than whatever they used to, you are going be acquiring a good deal a lot more use out of such guys. Not merely are they an affordable source of Markerlights, their Specific weapons are actually wonderful now, With all the Ion Rifle staying incredibly Price tag-efficient (and almost impossible to overheat, with just one Markerlight strike on your target granting re-rolls on 1s) as well as Rail Rifle packing a true punch. These will cash in on their own personal device's Markerlights, but you can also shoot them at One more focus on in case you so want.

Moreover, if your army is fight-forged as well as the bearer is over the battlefield, roll a d6 every time you or your opponent use a stratagem, with a 6 you obtain a bonus command level.

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